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Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite comfy clothes.

Together we can grow our faith and deepen our understanding of His Word.

Create a Visual Diary with Bible Journaling

A visual diary is a lasting legacy of your time with God.

Whether your paint in your Bible margins, write in your journal or draw illustrations about what God is laying on your heart, you’ll treasure the time you spend with Him and make something beautiful in the process.

To help you get started, I’ve created a 2 week series of my favorite Bible verses about who God is just for you ❤︎

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Each week I send my V.I.P.’s a Sunday night devotional to get them into the Word before they start a new week. Each devotional also includes simple call to action steps that will help you dig a little deeper and hear more of what God is saying to you personally.

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Finding rest for your soul begins in the bible

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