Bible accessories and devotionals to make your time in the Word simple and memorable

Build your own customized Bible study kit

Choose your cover

Leather travelers notebooks are custom designed to hold all of your Bible study journals

-Easy to carry



Choose your journals

Journals designed to deepen your understanding of your time in the Word.  Several journals to choose from so your kit is custom designed for your unique needs and personality.

Choose your study

Jump start your quiet time with simple Bible studies that challenge you to think deeper and dive a bit further into God’s Word. 

Bible Journaling Bookmarks

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Custom Sized Bible Covers

Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite comfy clothes.

Together we can grow our faith and deepen our understanding of His Word.

You know you should be doing it,
so what keeps you from studying your Bible?

Don't have time?

Don't understand it?

Intimidated and don't know where to start?

Bible study tools

Girl! I’ve got you!

I know what it’s like. You are too busy, you don’t understand what you are reading. You don’t know what to do when you sit down to read your Bible.

You want more. You want a closer relationship with God. You want to be more intentional. 

I’ve been there and I can help you out of this rut!

⓵ Let’s discover your personal Bible Journaling Style.

⓶ I’ll show you tools and tips to get you started

⓷ I’ll get you set up with weekly devotionals and monthly Bible reading plans

All you need to do is find a quiet place and a little piece of your day to hear from God.

And I hope that here at Gathered & Sown, you can find the tools and inspiration you need to begin your journey towards a deeper relationship with the God who loves you so much!

Many blessings,

Angie Gordon

Owner and Designer

Gathered & Sown

What is your journaling style?

Start your week with a FREE Devotional every Sunday

Each week I send my V.I.P.’s a Sunday night devotional to get them into the Word before they start a new week. Each devotional also includes simple call to action steps that will help you dig a little deeper and hear more of what God is saying to you personally.

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Learn how to slow down and let God love you in a 12 day devotional