How you got here

We are rushed, we are pulled in a million directions. We barely have time to sit down for a meal, much less find a quiet moment in our day to dedicate to whats really important.

We are moms, wives, sisters, best friends. We are leaders, doers, cleaners of messes. ..

We may be homemakers,  business moguls or the hard working waitress down the street. 

Each of us has a God given purpose in this life, and I encourage you to find what yours is and make the most of it. You were created. You are special, and somewhere, someone needs exactly what you have to offer.

Even with the best intentions, sometimes it can be really easy to let the quiet moments get away from us. We let what we do dictate who we are. 

I’m with you sister!

Thats why I started Gathered & Sown. To create beautiful things that can make you and your messy Mom bun feel beautiful in the ordinary.

Everything I design is created to help you preserve, cherish and carry a reflection of the beautiful woman you are.

At Gathered & Sown, each item is created to be as functional as it is pretty.

I started this company as a way to satisfy my own desire for well built, beautiful things, but God has grown it to be so much more than that. Every time I walk into my sunny little studio, I drink a sip of my ever present coffee, take it all in, and silently thank God for this gift He gave me.

This is a gift He knew I had all along . It was all part of His plan for me. I may not be anything special, and I may often feel like I don’t have anything to offer. But He created this desire within me, and I will do this job to the very best of my abilities!

And here is my promise to you:

  • I will pour my heart and my soul into each piece that I create for you.
  • I will put a little love into every package that leaves my studio.
  • I will source the best materials so that I know I’m creating a high quality pieces.
  • I will offer customer service above what I would expect to receive.

I look forward to working with you!