Artistic Journaling

Are you an artistic journaler?

  • You love arts and crafts.
  • You love color.
  • The craft store is your happy place.
  • You love experimenting and seeing your vision come to life.
  • You love playing with thoughts and ideas, restricted only by your own imagination.

Spending time thinking about a theme while drawing, painting or creating art will not only soothe your soul, it will help you remember what you learned at a deeper level. 

It sounds like you are an artistic journaler! Grab your craft supplies and get started. Learn how below:


Step 1: Choose a cover for your Bible

Step 2: Get Organized

Step 3: Learn a new skill

Learn hand lettering basics and how to use it to hide God’s Word in your heart in this step-by-step online class by my friend Amanda at Move the Mountains.

Step 4: Choose a 30-day Bible reading plan to get started

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