Bible Study

Is simple Bible study right for you?

Devotional inside
  • Do you like direction and guidance as you read the Word?
  • Do you appreciate other peoples viewpoints and explanations of what you are reading in the Word?
  • Do you like structure, routine and themes to your Bible study?
  • Do you like the option of studying the Bible in a small group?

If you answered yes to any of these, simple Bible study might be perfect for you!!

Grab your favorite Bible, curl up and get ready to hear from God. You may not necessarily be artistic, and you might not enjoy journaling, but you are anxious to hear from Him and learn more of what the Bible has to say!

Gathered & Sown bible study tools will structure your time in the Word and guide you to think deeper about what you are reading. Check back often, new studies are coming every few months!

Step 1: Choose your devotional

Step 2: Choose your bible cover

Gathered & Sown Bible covers are custom made to fit whatever bible you have. Protect your favorite book or bring new life to a worn out Bible. Either way, your bible cover will be unique and custom made just for you!

Step 3: Choose your fun extras

Organize your bible study time with handy tools to keep your books together, and your highlighters, pens and bookmarks close at hand

BONUS ✨ Step 4: Choose a 30 day Bible reading plan

Start your week with a FREE Devotional every Sunday

Each week I send my V.I.P.’s a Sunday night devotional to get them into the Word before they start a new week. Each devotional also includes simple call to action steps that will help you dig a little deeper and hear more of what God is saying to you personally.