My Dad’s famous words about fear

My poor Dad. He is one of about 3 people in my life who are my “ear”. When I have something exciting, I call my Dad. When I’m upset and need to be talked down, I call my Dad. When I’m freaking out, I call my Dad. He listens with a patient ear to my long rants and usually has a few words of wisdom in return. His famous line “I don’t know what to tell ya, Ang..” is one that I hear often. But over the past few years, he has one line that we now have formed a

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Celebrating God the Father

Celebrating Your Father, God

This week we are celebrating Dad’s everywhere! The grillers. The tellers of bad jokes.  The fixer’s. The wearers of tube socks and Dad shoes…  But in all seriousness, I love that we take a day to acknowledge this important job that has been given to these chosen men by God, who models for us in His Word just exactly what a Father is. I’ve been so lucky. Growing up, I had a hard-working Dad who toiled away long hours in less-than-ideal conditions to give our family the best of everything. He could always fix anything, and if he couldn’t fix

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