Learning to surrender daily

I’m sitting in my living room, feet up in my favorite recliner with my laptop on my lap. My business and a lot of my life revolves around my faith, and all of that is run on this little pink MacBook. I’m waiting up for my teenage daughter to get home safely for the night, so I have a good hour to sit and open God’s word and write. “I’m a little chilly,” I think, so I wrap my fuzzy red robe a little tighter. “I can’t focus because I’m not comfortable” passes my mind as I begin to scroll

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How is God’s Word “alive”?

I’ve grown up reading and learning the Bible. I led a Bible study for 10+years. But I realized recently that I have some “go-to” books of the Bible. I loved studying the history and context of Genesis in a year long Bible study I did. I get so much from Philippians and Galatians. The Gospels are always full of goodness. Revelation is fascinating to me! But there are a lot of other books in the Bible that are easy to overlook. What about Jude? Have I just completely ignored the fact that Hosea’s book even exists?  This thinking took me

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5 ways to submit your day to God

We all like to be in control of our routines. But God knows better than we do about what is best for us. How do we trust Him with the details of our everyday schedules?

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How to respond when someone asks for prayers

Do you lie about praying?

In my facebook group this week, we’ve had a lot of very serious prayer requests. That’s what I love about these women. It’s a safe place, one where we can reach out in our moments of uncertainty and ask complete strangers to lift us up in prayer.  It’s truly a gift ♥️ As I was reading through the prayer requests and commenting that I prayed for them. And I stopped what I was doing, and prayed right after I commented that I was praying. On one particular thread, I saw about 20 prayer warriors mention that they were praying over this particular

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How do you know your sins are forgiven?

I’m going to give you the super short version of a different angle of a well-known story of the Bible….. God asked Jonah (you know, the guy in a whale!!!) To head to the City of Nineveh to warn the people of His coming judgement. The people there needed someone to come and show them how wrong they were and how far they had turned from God, and Jonah was His man. When the people heard Jonah, they saw the error of their way and repented. God saw their humble plea for mercy and their desire to be forgiven and

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Finding a way to move past your own guilt

How to forgive yourself

Can you forgive yourself?   This week I dove in head first to a BIG topic. Forgiveness.  In my facebook Bible study group,  we are going to be talking about it and studying it together. But before I can lead any kind of discussion or study, I have to take the time to really search out God’s Word and listen to what it says so that our discussion in the group can remain solidly based in truth, and presented in a way that leads the brave friends who do it with me closer to their Lord and Savior.  It’s a big

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