Too busy to hear from God

What in your life is stealing your focus? Are you so distracted by being busy that you can’t hear God or the people in your life who need you? This is something I’m learning first hand and wanted to share my experience, in hopes that you can learn something from it.

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Praying for your enemies

God calls us to love everyone, but how to we love someone who has hurt us? God doesn’t ask us to do it on our own, but in His strength, so we pray for them.

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Doing what is right when the world says you are wrong

Being the Mom to teenage girls, I’m seeing so clearly what all of the warnings about raising teens actually meant. I’ve heard it all so many times, but call it naïveté, or maybe call it pride… I really thought that somehow my teens would be the one exception to the norm. I truly believed that because they were such good kids, they’d float through these years with a leg up on the struggling teens living around them. (How cute that I thought that ) Now don’t get me wrong, my girls are not bad kids. As a matter of fact,

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When God tells you to stop

When God suddenly stops you

Why, when everything in your life seems to be going well, does God suddenly put the brakes on where you are going? Is it a punishment? Or something better?

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