Do you see His grace?

This may be the most cliche thing I can say as a Mom, but I’m going to say it anyway. I wouldn’t trade one day of raising my teen girls for anything. I’ll take each mood swing, each time they talk back, each sweet conversation we have while driving from place to place. Each of these moments is a precious gift to me, and I’m hoping we can sit down for a moment and talk about why. GOD’S AMAZING, WONDERFUL, COMPLETE AND BEAUTIFUL GRACE. I am here today because I am loved with an everlasting love, from a God who holds nothing back.

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In Remebrance

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about mothers day. I shared a little bit of my story and how I lost my own Mother at a young age. I also gave you a little assignment to help you dig deeper. That post was difficult for me to write, and when I wrote that, I had no idea that I’d be writing what I’m about to share with you today. I had no idea that I’d be eating my own words and following my own advice when I was suddenly faced with two sudden and heartbreaking deaths in the

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When Mothers Day Hurts

Last week, we talked about knowing God’s plan for us, seeking His will and following, even when it doesn’t necessarily “feel” right or match our own plans. It’s tough to do, isn’t it?!?! I hope you were able to take a little time, answer the three questions at the bottom, read your bible, and really reflect on how God is working in your own life.   This week, I’m shifting gears just a little bit. It’s Mothers Day. A joyous occasion, where we celebrate all of the Moms in our lives! There are flowers, brunches, pictures…spring is in the air,

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Seeking God and hearing His voice – Jeremiah 6:16

When God seems quiet…listen! I’m starting this week in the middle of a season of many changes. Some good, some scary. I’ve been in the middle of some decisions that will affect generations of people, as well as some small decisions that only affect me and my family. Whether big or little, these decisions lately have really bogged down my heart. I’ve been tired, restless, anxious. You name an emotion, I’ve likely felt it in the past month! The difficult thing with decisions is knowing whether or not you are making the right one. It’s so hard!! I’ve been praying more than

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Date Night Essentials Giveaway

Do you need a date night? Are you itching to get dressed up and enjoy a night away? Whether you grab your best friend and hit a movie, or your honey for a romantic dinner, we want to give you all that you’ll need to feel like a million bucks on your night out. We’ve put together this amazing gift package and will give it away to one lucky winner. And that winner could be YOU! What would be your ideal night out? How would you use the prizes? We’d love to hear! Comment below, tell us why you’d love to

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Travelers Notebook for Bible Journaling

So you got your new travelers notebook, filled with some crisp, pretty notebooks? Now what do you want to do with it? You’ve got a desk full of bible journaling tools, but how can you journal on the go? You have a planner to keep track of appointments, meal planning, lists and even your workouts. But it’s too big to carry in your purse. Is there any way you can pull all of these things together and journal on the go? Indeed there is, friend!! Below I will show you how….. There are a million ways you can use your

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