soft fall look 2016

Fall Fashion: 1 bag, styled 5 ways

It’s here! In the midwest, we are enjoying the crisp air, falling leaves, hayrides and what we affectionately call…Sweater Weather….swoon!!!  It’s time to focus on fall fashion. We put away our flip flops, opting instead for our favorite tall boots. We trade in our shorts for some cute cuffed jeans and booties. We let our feet drag through the fallen leaves as we breathe in the aromatic smell of the fall air. It’s a short season, but it’s heavenly! I was talking to my good friend Amy recently, and we thought about how fun it would be to team up

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Daydream Collection by Gathered & Sown

The long, lazy days of summer are vanishing quickly as we look ahead to the faster pace of fall. As the seasons begin to wind down, I often find myself in this state of mind where I don’t want the season to end…but yet, I can’t wait to experience the changes that come with the transition of seasons. Here in Wisconsin, we have 4 distinct seasons…and while our winter is a bit longer than any of us like, it really makes us appreciate the changes. We long for the crisp fall air, to hear the rustling of leaves underfoot. To

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Yellow Leather Crossbody Clutch

VIP Club Summer Giveaway!

And the winner is…..Leah Boomsma!!!! I chose a random number and had my husband double check to be sure I was correct and fair. He confirmed it and Leah, I can’t wait to get you your new bag and passport cover <3 If you aren’t Leah, and you are wondering what in the world the VIP club is….I will tell you 🙂 It’s a free group where I like to give discounts, gift cards, fun giveaways, sneak previews , bonus buys and the first place I ask for advice on upcoming lines. If you think you’d like to be a

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Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling Inspiration

I’ve been in a funk. Have you ever been there? You know, the place where nothing feels right, but yet nothing is really wrong???? That place where I’ll laugh one minute, but then start to cry for no reason. And I’m not talking about PMS… I’m talking about when I let too much time and space come between me and God. Life gets busy, my bible gets dusty, and nothing in my life feels settled. I go through these cycles…you’d think I’d learn! I’ve always been a girl of many words, and writing helps me sort out my thoughts. Writing

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Custom Leather Planner cover by Gathered and Sown

What makes my bible and planner covers SO special?

  I’m not usually the most tech savvy person….as a matter of fact, my family likes to joke around that I’m plain CURSED when it comes to anything electronic! Running my own business means that a vast majority of my time is spent on either my laptop or phone, trying to find ways to get my products in front of the eyes of people like you! I see the work that other companies do and sometimes wonder… “How did they do that?!?!” Last week, I was working on printing shipping labels, and while I waited for my printer, I hopped on

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