Knowing God’s love while raising your kids

Tonight in a parenting moment of desperation, I texted my sister to tell her that I am a failure as a parent to teen girls. The highlights of this coversation included: This gig is too hard sometimes. They just think everything I say and do is stupid. They hang up on me and disrespect me when I tell them that no, they can NOT house sit unsupervised overnight with their friend. It’s hard to let them learn to fly when it feels like I’ve inadequately prepared them to do so! Since my sister was at work, we had to keep

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Satisfying our hunger and thirst for Him through His Word.

How do you satisfy the hunger you have for God’s Word?

I have a problem. A SERIOUS chocolate problem. Put me in a room with a plate of cookies or a dark chocolate bar, only one of us is leaving that room. I crave chocolate, I savor it. I take tiny bites when I eat it so that I can enjoy the bittersweet flavor for as long as possible. When I eat a good piece of chocolate, it actually makes me happy!  So what’s the problem? Today after lunch, I went to the kitchen cabinet that holds my little stash of chocolate. And it’s empty! There are peppermints, gum, cough drops

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Praying for our Leaders

Music has a way of stirring a lot of emotion. And certain songs can turn me from a happy-go-lucky Angie into an emotional mess in a beat! A *few* (handcough) years ago, I was a tired Mom of two busy little girls. It seemed the only time I had to myself were those precious few minutes in the car when the kids were quiet and I had a little space in my own head to think. And since my girls were too little to have opinions about the music we would listen to, I made sure the only music they

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How often do you read your Bible?

This week I spent my entire day on Friday with my nose in my Bible. I don’t get to do this every day, but every once in a while, thanks to this blessing that is called Gathered & Sown, I get to dedicate an entire work day to seeking God’s face, digging through His Word and pulling out little nuggets of wisdom. I learn so much about God and who He is when I spend time with Him. Sometimes the messages I get from God in my time in His Word are tiny. And sometimes the things He tells me

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