Are you easily offended?

Why do we feel offended when someone says no to something we like to do? Let’s talk about convictions and how we don’t have to share them to respect them!

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Your story is important

As my daughter continued to work on her speech, I encouraged her to find herself in my story. Because all of the little things that happened led to her. And what a beautiful illustration to realize that each step we take, good or bad leads us closer to Christ!

What is your story? Are you ashamed to tell it?

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Practicing humility when things seem uncertain

This part of my website is a place where I’ve always felt that I can be honest and can share my heart because I know from the response that I get that truth resonates. And today will be no different. I’ve sort of been afraid to share this, but I need to you know that we all go through stuff. We all have times that test our faith. But that doesn’t mean that God gives up on us.

Over the last six months or so, I’ve found myself in a place of doubt. Not my faith, I don’t feel like I ever doubted who God is or what He has promised me. But myself.

I felt like a hypocrite.

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How I hand-make your leather goods

Have you ever ordered something online, waited patiently (or not-so-much!) for the mail too arrive, and tear into your brand-new package? You peel back the layers, open the protective wraps and finally see the beautiful, yummy-smelling leather good that you’ve been saving up for and dying to enjoy! Suddenly all of your senses take action…. You look at it, and enjoy the variances of the color you chose. You see all of the imperfections of the natural material and appreciate that this piece of leather was chosen just for you. Then you pick it up and squeeze the soft leather

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Finding beauty and confidence in the body God gave you

I’m a Mom to two beautiful teenage girls. It wasn’t until recently that I was faced with the harsh reality that this world isn’t kind to girls, and it’s not easy to be a girl and feel comfortable with the body God gave you.  I’ve struggled with self-esteem for most of my life, but it wasn’t until I saw it through the eyes of my own daughters did I realize that this self-criticism and feeling of inadequacy is most definitely NOT the way God created us to live! One of my girls came home from school last year and asked

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Learning to surrender daily

I’m sitting in my living room, feet up in my favorite recliner with my laptop on my lap. My business and a lot of my life revolves around my faith, and all of that is run on this little pink MacBook. I’m waiting up for my teenage daughter to get home safely for the night, so I have a good hour to sit and open God’s word and write. “I’m a little chilly,” I think, so I wrap my fuzzy red robe a little tighter. “I can’t focus because I’m not comfortable” passes my mind as I begin to scroll

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