How do you know your sins are forgiven?

I’m going to give you the super short version of a different angle of a well-known story of the Bible….. God asked Jonah (you know, the guy in a whale!!!) To head to the City of Nineveh to warn the people of His coming judgement. The people there needed someone to come and show them how wrong they were and how far they had turned from God, and Jonah was His man. When the people heard Jonah, they saw the error of their way and repented. God saw their humble plea for mercy and their desire to be forgiven and

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Finding a way to move past your own guilt

How to forgive yourself

Can you forgive yourself?   This week I dove in head first to a BIG topic. Forgiveness.  In my facebook Bible study group,  we are going to be talking about it and studying it together. But before I can lead any kind of discussion or study, I have to take the time to really search out God’s Word and listen to what it says so that our discussion in the group can remain solidly based in truth, and presented in a way that leads the brave friends who do it with me closer to their Lord and Savior.  It’s a big

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Letting Go and Letting God…

“Let Go and Let God….” Five little words that have been slapping me upside the head these past couple of weeks. When life throws us a major curve ball, and things feel out of our control, why do we tend to revert to  worry and trying to push through, hoping we can get the outcome we desire?  On this blog and in the Bible studies and devotionals I’ve written,  I’ve talked so many times about God’s timing. About how it is perfect and since He is all-knowing, we can trust it. But I’m here to tell you, when we are

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Too busy to hear from God

What in your life is stealing your focus? Are you so distracted by being busy that you can’t hear God or the people in your life who need you? This is something I’m learning first hand and wanted to share my experience, in hopes that you can learn something from it.

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Praying for your enemies

God calls us to love everyone, but how to we love someone who has hurt us? God doesn’t ask us to do it on our own, but in His strength, so we pray for them.

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Doing what is right when the world says you are wrong

Being the Mom to teenage girls, I’m seeing so clearly what all of the warnings about raising teens actually meant. I’ve heard it all so many times, but call it naïveté, or maybe call it pride… I really thought that somehow my teens would be the one exception to the norm. I truly believed that because they were such good kids, they’d float through these years with a leg up on the struggling teens living around them. (How cute that I thought that ) Now don’t get me wrong, my girls are not bad kids. As a matter of fact,

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