Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my order?

Our company handcrafts all products within 2 weeks.

Oftentimes, orders process faster than that but we can’t guarantee a faster processing time.

Made to Order vs. Pre-Made

Check a listing carefully to understand if a product is pre-made and ready to ship or if the product is ordered before it’s handmade.

Both are handmade but the pre-made is shipment ready while the made-to-order products take 2 weeks to be created for you.

Look for the following image if a product is ready for shipment immediately:


Will your covers fit my bible, journal or planner?

Yes! Each leather cover made at Gathered & Sown is custom made to fit your bible, journal or planner. You provide the exact dimensions of your book at checkout, and it will be made to fit like a glove.

Do you use genuine leather or vegan leather, and what is the difference?”

All Gathered & Sown products are crafted with 100% genuine, super soft, luxurious leather. Your item will come to you with that WONDERFUL leather smell! Genuine leather is easily recognizable when you look at the back. Genuine leather will have suede on the back side. Vegan leather (also called faux leather, vinyl or pleather) will have a woven, fabric-like, or plastic-like backside.

What are the benefits of buying a product made with genuine leather?

First of all…that smell! Only genuine leather will have that swoon-worthy smell! But besides that, genuine leather offers rugged durability and longevity that man made products can’t replicate.

Genuine leather does not come cheap. It’s investment for materials, and it’s an investment when you buy a product made out of genuine leather. When you invest in a genuine leather product, you can be assured that it will withstand the test of time.

Shoppers note: When shopping for any genuine leather or vegan leather product, check both the product label and backside of the product, to be sure you are getting what you pay for. Many companies will be misleading, advertising vegan leather or even bonded leather as “leather”. Don’t pay genuine leather prices for a faux leather product.

How do I clean my leather product?

The beautiful thing about Gathered & Sown leather products is that they are ridiculously easy to care for. Each of our leathers has a protective sealant on the surface and edges so you can safely wipe them clean with a damp rag and mild cleanser. For particularly tough stains, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Just never rub too hard. Harsh abrasives and excessive rubbing can cause discoloration of your leather.

Do you take custom orders?

All of the options to personalize our core line here at Gathered & Sown  makes it difficult to accommodate custom orders, so we are not accepting them. But we are always open to ideas for future products and features! While we can’t guarantee your idea will become part of our shop, we’d love to hear it. Some of our best sellers were inspired by customer suggestions You can tell us your suggestions here:

Do you accept returns?

Any un-used product in brand new condition can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. Any foul odors, stains or other defects that would make the item unsellable are void from returns.

Any custom made item, such as custom sized Bible covers are non-refundable. If there is an issue with the fit of your cover, you can send it back for free adjustments.

How fast will my order ship?

Since many items in the shop are made to order, you can reasonably expect most orders to ship within 5-7 business days. If you are in a rush, please contact me directly before ordering to be sure I can accomdate your timeline.