For such a time as this

How can God use the little insignificant parts of your life to do something amazing?

God can and will use you wherever you are in your life. His timing is never an accident. We just have to be willing to follow where He leads us and watch His plan unfold!

When the deck is stacked against us, often these are the moments that God not only prepared us for,

but created us for!

Introducing the newest collection at Gathered & Sown, “For Such A Time As This”

Let’s go on this journey together and learn all about how God can use you in ways that you never thought to hope or imagine! 

Each item in this collection is thoughtfully designed to help you dive into God’s Word and really hear what He is telling you through the story of Queen Esther. When you purchase the devotional book, you’ll have the opportunity to join me as we study and discuss the book together LIVE in our facebook group!

Devotion Book $16
Bow Bible Cover $75
Deep Indigo Travelers Notebook Cover $69
Deluxe Devotional Kit $99
Deep Indigo Cross Body Bag $229
Deep Indigo Leather Bible Bag $179
Dusty Pink Travelers Notebook Cover (No books) $69

And...Re-introducing the redesigned

Bible Study Journal Collection!!

  • Easier to read fonts
  • Lines to guide your handwriting
  • Bonus workbook pages
  • and more open space  for writing!

These customer favorites are back and better than ever. These thoughtfully designed journals were inspired by my desire to read the Bible in a way that helped me understand what I was reading and better apply it to my life. 

  • When you begin using these journals, you’ll discover so many more details in God’s Word. The prompts will encourage you to think it through on paper, ask yourself questions about what you’re reading and help you understand what it means in your life. 
  • The prayer journal will help you organize your prayers so you never forget who or what you want to pray for, and allows you to look back and remember what you had prayed for in the past. This is like a timeline of your prayers, allowing you to realize just how active God is in you life, and just how many prayers He answers over time. 

It’s time in the Word..made simple 

Quiet Time Journal $12
Prayer Journal $12
Sermon Journal $12