Travelers Notebook Collection

Soft, luxurious and built to last. Gathered & Sown is pleased to announce the release of the exclusive Travelers Notebook Collection!

Featuring genuine leather, each cover is handmade in the USA. Available in four sizes: Mini, Pocket, Personal and Standard, choose the size that helps you find your planner peace

Each Travelers Notebook contains 4 strings and a reinforced binding with a center elastic closure. Inside the Travelers Notebooks you’ll also find two pockets to store extra papers, credit cards, stickers and more 

Gathered & Sown’s signature white stitching and white elastic offers fun and striking contrast to the rich leather colors.

Personalization makes your travelers notebook truly unique! Add your name or initials in gold, silver or a plain imprint. Then pair your personalized book with a matching pen case and bookmark to complete your own personal collection.


Travelers Notebooks

Leather travelers notebook
Cork Brown with Peony Pink Binding



Travelers Notebook - Emerald and Camel
Emerald Green with Camel Binding
Travelers Notebook Cover in Grey with Reinforced Spine in Brown
Grey with Cork Binding




White and Cement Travelers Notebooks
Cement with White Binding
Cement and Emerald Travelers Notebook
Cement with Emerald Green Binding
Travelers Notebook - Pink and Camel
Camel with Peony Pink Binding


Refillable Notebook - Travelers Notebook in Pink leather with Grey reinforced spine
Peony Pink with Grey Binding

TN Inserts

Travelers Notebook Inserts
Travelers Notebook Inserts

Pen Cases

Pen Case in Emerald Green Leather
Emerald Green Pen Case
Pen Case in Peony Pink Leather
Peony Pink Pen Case
Cork Brown Leather Pen Case
Cork Brown Pen Case
Pen Cases
Grey Pen Case
Camel Pen Case in Leather
Camel Pen Case
Cement Pen case in Leather
Cement Pen Case

Jumbo Leather Paper Clips – Bookmarks

Pen Case in Peony Pink Leather
Jumbo Paper Clips